The club is an associate member of the Association of Woodturners of Great Britain (AWGB).

Upcoming events at the SBWT

A small preview of events in the offing. 

Hands on night

12 th  of September 2019, come and use the club’s facilities, bandsaw, planing machine, thicknessing machine, either of the two lathes or the sharpening equipment to get your tools in good working order for your next project. 

All day demonstration by Jason Breach

Sunday 15 th  September sees us entertained by Jason Breach.  Jason describes his work as minimalist and simple which I have to say looking at his gallery is both true and artistic license.  His Sputnik is far from either I would suggest.  On the other hand his gallery would suggest much of his work appears to be less spikey and more in tune with the grain of the wood.  Take a look for yourself and get a preview of what is to come by clicking here. 

General meeting

26 th  September sees a wood sale by Graham Bell amd a short demonstration by Graham Ambrose.  Graham tells me he is aiming at an Oak kitchen towel holder finished with liming wax.  His problem is he is yet to determne how to do this so needs to get out to the workshop to practice.  I have no doubt he will manage. 
Vase made from horse chestnut and sprayed copper and black.  Entry in the annual open competition 2019, made by Peter Jackson.