The club is an associate member of the Association of Woodturners of Great Britain (AWGB).

Robert Sorby night

Chris Pouncy - 15 May 2019

Chris demonstrated various articles of turning kit.  The first item on his agenda was a small collet chuck.  The kit is available in three sizes, ¼”, ½” and ⅜”.  The chucks are imperial measures.  Within the kit you get a chuck a threaded bar to go through the headstock and the handle/locking nut to hold it in place.  The different size chucks are available as extras.  To demonstrate the chuck Chris turned a spinning top from a piece of sycamore with a piece of dowelling glued in.  Using the chuck he was able to turn the body of the top while holding the dowel.  Following this Chris demonstrated a variety of ways of using a skew chisel and explained the origins of the design of the steb centre, which is to allow production woodturners to add and remove blanks without having to turn the lathe off and then on again, not a practice to be recommended.    For his final demonstration he put a variety of hollowing tools through their paces and we ended with a discussion on the merits of various forms of tool rest.