The club is an associate member of the Association of Woodturners of Great Britain (AWGB).

Demo by Chris Pouncey

Robert Sorby (RS) night - May 9th 2018

Chris Pouncey showed the assembled multitude a technique called “basket illusion”.  Chris felt this was a particularly useful technique where a fairly plain piece of wood could be made much more interesting, although it does require patience and planning.  The technique is essentially an optical illusion created by the use of turning concentric ridged circles in the face of a bowl (and also on all the other sides of you so desire), a piece of fine formica  and a pyrography machine.  To complete the effect some colour is then added.  Having turned the bowl and then added the ridges using a scraper (top picture) Chris then used the piece of formica to friction burn the depths of the ridges to a blackened colour (middle picture).  Then using the headstock turning controls a ruler and pencil he marked a series of cross lines onto the face which he then “burned” into the grooves with the pyrography machine.  Finally he then coloured some of the ridges (bottom picture).  Some excellent patterns can be achieved (click here for some examples) but careful planning is required.  Chris recommended Tombow pens (to avoid the colour running) and “polar” graph paper for the planning.