The club is an associate member of the Association of Woodturners of Great Britain (AWGB).

Demo by Chris Pouncey

Robert Sorby (RS) night - May 9th 2018

Probably the biggest news of the evening was the announcement of a new discount regime by RS and the Turner’s Retreat (now a RS subsidiary).  Available in the shop (on production of your membership card) or online via an approved orderer (two per club - actual names TBA).  15% on tools that have or need a handle, 10% on timber and 5% on all other items except machinery (Chris emphasised this meant it could not operate without  a plug).  There are various detailed rules but that is the essence of the deal and it is now live.  Chris then demonstrated the new version of a Longworth style chuck (he was keen to emphasise it is in the style of).  The whole unit was operable by finget tip control to set the holding size for the bowl. 
The new arm fitting for the pro-edge sharpening system was demonstrated (holds the tool at the right angle and height automatically and can be more easily reset to that position if you decide to alter it for any reason.  Chris then went on to show a quick demo of the “basket illusion” process whereby the turrned output is made to look like a basket woven piece using  nothing more than a pyrography machine and some coloured pens (Chris recommended Tombow pens to avoid running) and the use of “polar” graph paper to plan the colour scheme.  To see more of this process click here Finally he demonstrated the RS200 by producing an undercut bowl and the use of a teardrop scraper.