The club is an associate member of the Association of Woodturners of Great Britain (AWGB).

Philip Greenwood

All day demonstration - 24 March 2019

Philip’s demonstration gave us his very professional and hands on approach to turning, with a distinct emphasis on what the audience wanted.  Philip produced four pieces during the day and also gave a brief demonstration on his techniques for sharpening his tools.  The first piece was an earring stand in three pieces to be joined at the end of the project.  While some elements were a little finicky none was beyond the capability of a reasonably basic turner.  The second piece was a small box which was eventually oval in shape.  Again not overly simply but far from complex.  After his demonstration of sharpening Philip went on to show some wet turning and how he makes bowls from half logs.  The first kept a rim of the bark around the oval shaped dish and the second had an edge of bark along the square edges of a bowl cut out of a plane.  My thanks to David McReadie for some of the pictures.  Top: Completed earring stand, small box, selection of Philip handiwork. Centre: Rim edged bowl and the blank from which it was made.  Bottom: Square section bowl and blank.