The club is an associate member of the Association of Woodturners of Great Britain (AWGB).

Pete Osborn

All day demonstration - 12 May 2019

Pete gave us a three part talk and demonstration which he promised would be different, and it was.  The first part was the story of a carver that he made to match another he had bought along with four matching dining chairs.  Pete explained about the turning (relatively simple) and the joinery which ranged from simple to the extraordinarily difficult task of fitting the arms to the chair with non-right-angled joints in all three planes.  The second part of the demo was in the use of a router lathe.  This machine is design to allow the cutting of spiral patterns (or in fact many other types of pattern) in a length of wood.  BY the use of a fixed gear train moving the router along as the wood is turned a spiral is produced.  Then using an index on the head of the machine “parallel” spirals can then be produced around the cylinder.  In the final part of the demo after lunch Pete then took his spiralled cylinder did some basic pattern turning (grooves and beads etc.) to make the cylinder into a leg for a plant stand/occasional table.  He then made the top and bottom, various connecting parts and some feet ending with a complete set of parts for creating the plant stand when he got back to the workshop.  To see more of Pete’s work click here