The club is an associate member of the Association of Woodturners of Great Britain (AWGB).

The micro powdered bowl

Above: The finished item front and back. 
For the final piece Mick demonstrated two different ways to use micro powders.  The general principle is to get the micro powder to fill the grain lines to enhance the appearance of the wood. First on the back of a bowl he used the powder mixed in with his preferred 20% wax/80% liquid paraffin mixture directly applied to a dry sanded surface.  Note the delicate application in the picture top right.  This was then sanded using 400 grit to remove excess.  Finally this was polished using Yorkshire grit leaving the back as shown bottom left.  For the front Mick used the powder mixed directly with a proprietary white wax preparation.  Again this was sanded down but proved to be very difficult to get down to the same level as the back of the bowl, clogging much sandpaper on the way.  The centre of the bowl was then cut away and polished with the wax/oil mixture to give the final surface shown top left.