The club is an associate member of the Association of Woodturners of Great Britain (AWGB).

The textured and coloured


Mick fitted the sycamore to a screw chuck, marked the centre of the outside, used a revolving centre to pin the piece and created a chucking point.  Turning the piece around he finish turned the face of the platter and roughed out the central dip.  Next he textured the rim and inner rim (around the where the final bowl would be) using a texturing tool.  Then using an angle grinder he carved the curved lines into the face.  He then set the grain of the face vertically using the lathe stop and with a rotating wire brush created a rough texture over the carvings.  This area was charred using a blowtorch to remove the tiny filaments of wood sticking up leaving a “scratched” but relatively smooth finish.  The whole face was then sprayed black.  Using a glossy magazine as a test bed for the colours, Mick tried out some combinations before deciding on iridescent blue and metallic gold.
Left: The finished product.  Right: Stages in the production process. 
To ensure mistakes could be removed lacquer was applied between colours and each layer dried before the next applied. Finally the centre was turned out and a mixture of 20% wax/80% liquid paraffin applied as polish.