The club is an associate member of the Association of Woodturners of Great Britain (AWGB).

Talk by Alec Burgon

Club meeting - May 28th 2015

Wood carving

Alec Burgon is a self taught carver from the Borders and he brought along a number of his pieces to show us.  Alec does not sell his pieces nor does he accept commission work, but simply does what he wants for his own enjoyment.  However, one look at his work and you can see an enormous attention to detail, with skilful  proportion and balance.  A very entertaining presentation and Alec answered a large number of questions with patience and wit.

Demo by Pete Jackson

Simon Hope hollowing jig

After tea, Pete Jackson gave a demonstration of his newly acquired Simon Hope Hollowing Jig.  As ever, Pete gave a very informative and honest appraisal of the jig and a couple of volunteers were able to confirm how easy the hollowing tool was to control mounted in the jig.  For more information go to or Youtube. 
Above left: Alec; Centre: First ever carving;  Right: A mounted figure in the early stages; Below left: Angela Hunter's depiction of William of Rule 'turning' an angry bull to save the life of Robert the Bruce; Below right: The Hawick Horse
Pete takes us through using the Hollowing Jig