The club is an associate member of the Association of Woodturners of Great Britain (AWGB).

Demo by Chris Pouncy

Robert Sorby night - Wednesday May 13th 2015

Very early in the club’s history Peter Gill, then Director of Robert Sorby, took a keen interest in our formation.  Being originally from Hawick himself, he was delighted to see a woodturning club start not far from his roots.  Consequently Robert Sorby were ones we went to straight away at any of the national shows and always were met with a warm reception.  For the past five years we have had an annual visit from Robert Sorby and when Peter retired his colleague, Chris Pouncy, Sorby’s senior demonstrator, continued making the tours by himself.  So we look forward to Chris’ visits and the evening is one of the most established and anticipated evening in the club’s calendar.  This year was no exception and Chris brought with him a wide-ranging selection of Sorby’s current products.  These were all provided with a discount and of course no postage and packing to have to pay for.  Once again a number of our club members, left the evening with lighter wallets and a new Sorby tool or two! As well as bringing stock to sell, Chris entertained us with a variety of demos, tips, and good hard-earned advice.  Chris turned a small piece of oak using the Sorby Wobble Chuck.  He then turned a bowl and then textured it using a Sorby spiralling and Texturing tool.  This was then painted and burnished with a gilt cream to give an aged metallic look.  We look forward to his next visit which should around this time next year.
After applying texturing and base colour. 
Applying the gilt cream. 
The finished product.