The club is an associate member of the Association of Woodturners of Great Britain (AWGB).

Lathe centre steady by Martin Dickinson

Club meeting - April 25th 2018

Martin started with a blank he had turned that afternoon to demonstrate. that trying to hollow it would be dangerous, therefore a lathe centre steady was required to support the blank during hollowing.  He then placed three thicknesses of 12mm ply screwed together and marked out two concentric circles.  The outer circle is the equivalent of the maximum turning circle of the lathe and the second two inches smaller.  These can be cut using a
bandsaw (outer) and a jigsaw (inner).  The walls were then sanded smooth and a flat created opposite what would be the top of the circle.  Three lines 120 o  apart are then marked and 10mm holes drilled for the clamps.  The centre piece of ply is cut to allow for the arms to be inserted.  The arms are also cut from the 12mm ply with a routed slot cut in all three and a hole drilled to take the bolt for the wheel a suitable distance from the end.  With the three circles screwed together the arms are inserted and the clamping bolts fitted.  To continue click here