The club is an associate member of the Association of Woodturners of Great Britain (AWGB).

Talk by Bill Wilkie

Club meeting - March 26th 2015 

Wood Finishing

To the average person, a presentation on wood finishing is perhaps not the most exciting idea of entertainment.  Indeed, like sandpaper, even experienced woodturners can sometimes think of it simply as a necessary evil.  However, when the words are delivered with warmth, humour and detailed knowledge such as the talk we had on this evening from club member Bill Wilkie, it makes for a fascinating and stimulating evening. Taking us through the various types of waxes, shellacs, oils, lacquers and varnishes, Bill explained clearly and with copious real world examples, how and why particular finishes are appropriate for specific conditions. Bill debunked a few myths, and not just with wood finishes.  His talk covered some interesting and relevant sidetracks into other subjects including the petrol and diesel we put in our cars!  I’m sure a number of us will be remembering this talk the next time we fill up our tank with “lead-free” petrol! Bill’s years of experience as a chemist has given him a formidable and extensive knowledge of the subject but his clear, friendly manner and good sense of humour ensured that his talk was both entertaining and extremely informative.  With a large, attentive audience, the talk was followed by an excellent question and answer session. Well done Bill, everyone will have benefited from your talk, and you will surely be in great demand to repeat your presentation, or perhaps we can look forward to “Part 2” for next year?