The club is an associate member of the Association of Woodturners of Great Britain (AWGB).

Jason Breach

All day demonstration - 15 September 2019

Box with inlaid lid

Had he been working at home in his own workshop Jason reckoned that this box would take about two hours plus drying time for the inlay (which was African Black Wood of a sort).   It did in fact take about two hours plus some drying time but was not fully finished as the inlay was not as dry as he needed to finish the lid. 
The box was basically an can shaped box so I won’t cover that except for Jason’s tip on fitting lids.  His view is very definitely lids should fit to produce a “pop” when opened.  To achieve this he produces the top section first and has his small lip inside the lid.  He then produces a close approximation to the right size on the outer edge of the base and then cuts the inner lip at a slight angle.  One cut and test is his motto.  Once the lid starts to fit over the base then he simply cuts the lip square to the front edge and et voila! A perfect fit.  Looked good when he did it.  Once the two parts fit well he put the lid on the base and taped it for extra surety.  The inlay was first cut using an eccentric chuck and a parting tool, each circle produced (top left) and then the chuck moved on to the next.  After all 12 he created a smaller thirteenth on an in-line basis to give a better finish (middle).  Having smoothed off the surface he then mixed African Black Wood powder into epoxy resin and filled the cuts and set it aside to dry.  Thereafter very fine cuts to produce level surface and then polish.  Since for a good finish this requires a minimum of 24 hours and preferably 48 hours we didn’t get that bit.