The club is an associate member of the Association of Woodturners of Great Britain (AWGB).

Off-centre Ducks by Graham Ambrose

Club meeting - March 22nd 2018

The next bit is the tricky bit.  Graham put the wood in the chuck so that it was held on the chamfer and the spigot and ensured that the off-centre point was opposite the centre of one of the chuck jaws for added security of grip. 
Graham’s offcentre turned duck was in the main an exercise in turning in the round although first it was necessary to get the off centre element to a point where it was round.  Essentially he started with a blank and made a spigot (about 8mm) and made the shoulder between the spigot and the blank a 45o chamfer.  He then marked and off- centre point of about 15mm.  
He then ran the lathe at about 950 (gas mark 7 on the club lathe) and using a bowl gouge (for the extra stength it offers) turned the top of the blank until it was round and offering no vibration.  Then speeding up the lathe and using a roughing gouge he turned the stump to about 22mm.  Using the bowl gouge again he roughed out the curve of the body.  Finally, after marking the distances with a badan, he used a spindle gouge to rough out the head.