The club is an associate member of the Association of Woodturners of Great Britain (AWGB).

Demo by Steve


Club meeting - August 23



Competition (exp.) - Item from a

tagua nut

Steve was our second short notice illness cover in two meetings!  So many thanks to Steve and get well soon Anthony.  Steve gave us two demonstrations the first was a bottle stopper for wine bottles and the second a propelling pencil for which he had done all the turning and segmenting in advance and demonstrated the technique of connecting all the pieces using a small jig, click here to watch on YouTube.  The stopper was made relatively simply albeit with the aid of two self-turned jigs.  Firstly the piece of wood was turned round and then a forcner bit used to drill a 30mm hole in one end.  The wood is then placed over the first jig (which has a corresponding 30mm spigot and the outside shape turned.  The standard plug is then glued into the hole using a jig which has a hole suited to the 19mm “cork” to ensure it goes in square.  
The propelling pencil was made using a segmented piece of wood.  Steve showed his stages in preparing the wood before it was turned click here to watch on YouTube.  First create a blank the right size.  Then a curved line was cut along the length of the blank freehand using a bandsaw and a piece of veneer was then glued in between the two pieces.  Once this had dried and trimmed another curved line (going in the opposite direction) was cut in the same plane and again veneer glued between the two pieces.  The blank is then turned 90 o  and the double cut, veneer and glue is repeated.  This leaves a slightly oversized blank with four curved lines along the length in two planes.  
This is then used to turn the pen(cil) blank as normal.  The end effect is to add a design element to the pen(cil).  The competition was won by Drew Bunyan with his lidded miniature urn.  To see all the entries click here.