The club is an associate member of the Association of Woodturners of Great Britain (AWGB).

Demo by Kenny


Club meeting - November 21



Competition (beg.) - Pumpkin

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Kenny did two straightforward demonstrations for us, a “journeyman’s mallet” and an introduction to “wet” turning probably more accurately described as turning with wet wood.  The handle for the mallet is mostly about creating a fit for the sleeve and a pair of holes fro the coach bolt.  So firstly Kenny turned the blank round and made a chucking point.  Then he drilled a 10mm hole the length of the (10mm) coach bolt into the handle.  Then he drilled out a ¾” hole using a Forstner bit to the depth of the head of the bit.  This is to hold the nut.  Next he marked a 16mm line along the length and then turned this piece to 32mm diameter to fit the sleeve.  The handle is then turned to fit the hand of the turner. 
Kenny then demonstrated the differences of turning wet wood, essentially softer, less sharpening of tools and longer shavings.  Don’t forget wet wood will rust the lathe if you leave on the bed.