The club is an associate member of the Association of Woodturners of Great Britain (AWGB).

Demo by Graham


Club meeting - February 27



Competition - Torus

Winner: Brian Etchells To see the competition entries click here. “Simple” triangular piece Graham showed three different tri-sided forms (no sanding) and that while his way of making the items may differ from other methods he has taken his inspiration from Barbara Dill.
After turning a blank between two STEB centres he used the tool rest to draw a line alongthe cylinder and following the line down both ends to the centre point. This would enable correct orientation of the blank when marking out the ends in preparation for the multi axis turning. Then he drew a circle from the centre point each end and found three equal points with a compass using the line already drawn to the centre as the first axis line. These are then numbered or colour coded. Finally he used the compass from each centre point to show the final shape. The cylinder was remounted on the centre points and a parting tool was used to mark the split without actually parting off. Next the cylinder was mounted on one three mounting points, it does not matter which one but both ends must be the same. Graham then turned the cylinder to create one of the sides. This process was repeated a twice creating the three sides. Remounting on centre points a chucking point was made both ends. Remove the STEB centre and put on your chuck and mount the lid end into it. At this point you can part off the lid. Hollow out the top taking your time to get a good “fit”, not to tight and not too loose. When you have the correct fit, you can make a jam chuck to clean up the top of the box. Hollow out the bottom and when you are happy with the shape and finish, jam chuck the bottom and clean the exterior bottom. For the twist and American twist items click here.