The club is an associate member of the Association of Woodturners of Great Britain (AWGB).

Demo by Graham


Club meeting - February 28



Competition - Coloured goblet

Winners: Kenny Morison (experienced) Paul Burton (beginner) Graham Ambrose gave us a double demonstration of turning vases for small posies or single flowers.  The first vase was a classically amphora shaped piece of ash (at least it was when he finished turning it) click here to watch the video.  This was turned conventionally using a chucking point at one end.  The advantage of this type of vase is that it only requires drilling and no actual hollowing. 
The second vase was an off-centre operation using a screw chuck.  Again no hollowing required but a great deal of care needed in getting the base and the stem to work together.  The experienced competition was won by Kenny with a classic piece of Barleycorn twist.   The beginners competition was won by Paul Burton with a rather elegantly green glazed chalice.  For a look at all the entries click here. 
Some pieces of Graham’s work in the area. 
Kenny’s barleycorn twist goblet (far right) and Paul’s classically styled green washed goblet (left) .