The club is an associate member of the Association of Woodturners of Great Britain (AWGB).

Emma Cook:

The tiny turner

25 November 2018

For the Christmas Tree bauble Emma started off making a finial for a Bauble to hang from using a piece of 9” x 2” Padauk.  This was rounded off and a chucking point created although the tail centre was also brought up for support. The fine end of a finial was produced using sharp tools. As each part of the finial was completed it was sanded and polished as trying to go back and do this later was not viable or safe.  This section was parted off with a hollow parting to fit the surface of the bauble. The remaining section (approx. 1/3rd) had the base hollowed out to follow the shape of the bauble and also to take the neck of the bauble. The centre was drilled out using a 4 mm drill (depending on the lights it may require a larger hole). Once the shape was complete for the top of the bauble it was sanded then polished.  The ribbon to attach or hang the bauble with was passed through the hole and the wire for the LED light was fed in the
opposite direction into the bauble (lights were tested prior to feeding in). Glue was applied to the bauble neck and the top was position with a slight pressure and held until the glue took hold. The glue recommended by Emma is Evostick Serious Flexible Glue.   The bottom finial was then glued to the bauble and held until the glue took hold. Any excess glue that squeezed out could be trimmed off using a sharp knife, scalpel or other sharp item to cut around the neck of the Padauk the peel away the excess. The finished bauble finished with the light activated to show off the effect of the LED’s is pictured top right.