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Emma Cook:

The tiny turner

25 November 2018

Finally Emma made a twisted triangular box using a blank 3” square by 4” long.  A spigot was made on each end for mounting in the chuck when turning the outside and parting.  To mark out the ends take a compass and  scribe a circle 10mm larger than the marks made by the steb centre on either end.  Then mark the circle with three equidistant points at one end.  Draw a line through the centre and one of the three point to the extremity of the blank, then draw a line along the blank to the other end and then across the face to the centre. Use this point to create the same three equidistant marks at the second end.  Remount the blank using the steb centre at the drive end but move the other end off centre.  Check that the blank can turn without hitting the tool rest, then start the lathe slowly then build up the speed until the lathe is not quite out of balance.  With a Spindle roughing gouge proceed to cut the element of the spindle which comes into contact with the tool, when completed cutting will be one third of the circumference of the blank.  Then stop lathe and move the spindle to the next pair of points but colour code the points to allow for remounting.  Complete the turning with the spindle roughing gouge making the final cuts on each face slow and fine to remove any heavy cut marks. 
The next stage is to the remount the triangular shape between steb centres on the original marks and cut the spindle in half with a parting tool.  Remount the top section in the chuck jaws, dress off the face and make a spigot to be used for a jam chuck then hollow out shallowly.  Replace this with the base section in the jaws and cut a recess to take the spigot of the lid check often for a good tight fit then remove the end spigot off the top of the lid.  Once completed remove the lid and hollow out the base section, when hollowing is complete the base section can be removed and using the inside of the base to remount in the jaws then remove the spigot from the base using fine cuts.  Once complete the sanding of the triangular box is completed by hand sanding along the grain and then applying a finish of your choice.