The club is an associate member of the Association of Woodturners of Great Britain (AWGB).

Emma Cook:

The tiny turner

25 November 2018

The pumpkin shaped box was made from a 5” cube of Lime which was turned round with chucking points added at each end. The spindle was then split 3/5 and 2/5 with the lid section worked on first, hollowd out and sanded and put to one side.  The base section was then hollowed far enough to use it as a jam chuck for the lid and the outside of the lid was then shaped and the stalk was formed with a collar for authenticity.  Once the lid was shaped Emma then continued to shape the base outer section as far as possible. To separate the lid from the base Emma used a knife and mallet tapping gently as the piece was turned by hand on the lathe until it separated.  Once the lid was removed the base was then hollowed out using both spindle and bowl gouges then to finish of Emma
changed to a Simon Hope carbide tool.  After the base hollowing was complete the lid was placed back onto the base to do the carving.  This was done on the lathe as it made a sound platform and the indexing system helped get the position right.  The tail stock was used for added support when carving. The first carving tool used was U shaped gouge.  The eyes and mouth were marked and used a drill bit used to cut away the bulk before finishing off each with various carving tools.  Once the carving was complete the top was removed and the base reversed on the chuck to remove the spigot and shape the bottom of the base using fine cuts.   To finish off, oil both parts and leave them apart for two to three days.  Then check that the lid fits then place onto the base and display.